Saturday, January 13, 2007


Wedding Feng Shui
by pam ashlund

Bought a little book on the Feng Shui of love. I can only assume it's over-simplified for pop consumption..But I am the target audience. A once-again single, middle-class anglo girl with time on her hands (and who has $8.95 to spare for an impulse purchase.

Angie Ma Wong warns:

Don't adorn your home with morbid (or) depressing...images.

Hmmm, do you think the skeleton wedding couple counts? Let's just say I have stored my Dias del los Muertos decoration just in case.

In addition, the book offered the following tips:

  • Don't place your bed at the short wall of a pitched ceiling.
  • Do avoid geometric shapes, especially triangles in your bedroom...decor.
  • Don't make a room with irregularly angled walls your bedroom.
  • Don't choose a bedroom with high or cathedral ceilings.
  • Don't choose a home in which the master bedroom is in the front of the house facing the street. It should be protected in the rear.

    To see pictures of my home visit Lofty Thoughts.

    Back in the early 90's I took a Feng Shui course of a more in depth discipline known as the Black Hat school. The teachers (two berkely-esque white guys) were a little defensive about their right to teach this traditionally secret material. After a disturbing experience after chanting the "snake rising" prayer to raise energy, and the "heart opening" prayer to open to the pain of the universe, I decided the objectors might have a point.
  • I do recommend the following book (as opposed to the pop version above) for those interested in a more in-depth pursuit.

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    1 comment:

    janet said...

    well, its possible that more in-depth books have more accuracy, but having been inside your apartment, it sure sounds like it is absolutely feng-shui hell in every detail. Worst of all, everything wrong is built in. You better move fast unless you prefer the single life!!!