Friday, February 09, 2007


Symbolic Bears

On our first date Mr. Ex bought me a stuffed bear adorned with little peace signs. The peace bear sat on my dresser for the whole year we dated. But then...the break-up. The BEAR HAD TO GO. So the bear, the cd with "our song", the trinkets and birthday gifts, all went into a bag in the back of the closet. I purged every reminder of Mr. Ex.

Many weeks later I needed that bag for a trip and dumped out the stuffed bear that "he" bought me, and also a stuffed cow that I had bought for myself. I loved that cow and I'm not sure why I put him in the closet. The two bears fell from the bag onto my nightstand (my bear and "his" bear). I swear I did NOT pose these bears! This is how they fell:

Mr. Cow really put the dumb peace bear in his place!

Gotta love synchronicity.

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